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Abalone Although a shell, not a stone, Abalone is widely used in jewelry and being a natural substance it does have metaphysical properties. It has long been believed that its many shimmering colors affect all the chakras of the human body, bringing them into balance and alignment. It is especially good for the heart chakra, gently cleansing fear, sorrow and any dull negative energies so that the heart shines with all the colors of the rainbow. Its obvious link with elemental Water means that Abalone is a very powerful cleanser. Meditation with a piece of shell can grant insights as to how you can release old and outgrown beliefs and attitudes so that you can move forwards. The shell grants inspiration and magical creativity and is especially useful when writing your own original spells and rituals.
Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate
Moss Agate
Moss agate gets its name from moss-like patterns which are caused by chlorite inclusions. A member of the chalcedony family, moss agate is usually colorless, but can appear brown or red due to oxidation of the iron hornblende. It is said to balance the emotions, heal the heart and bring a positive outlook. Moss agate can also be used to enhance plant growth and to grow prosperity, manifesting wealth and abundance into your life.
Amber Amber, or fossil tree sap, was made famous in the movie "Jurassic Park". Amber is a beautiful stone that is cut and polished and used as a valuable gemstone. It is also a fossil and can contain many preserved insects and other animals and plants that are tens of millions of years old. It was sought after by ancient Stone Age sun worshippers because its beautiful radiance resembled the sun's rays, and was called, "golden gems of the ages". In the civilizations of the early Greeks and Romans, amber was so revered it was available only to nobility. Ladies of the Roman court desired it for its brilliant hue and for the protection from evil spells which it was believed to bestow upon the wearer. In reverence to its talismatic powers, gladiators wore amber amulets when venturing into the Coliseum. Throughout Europe, amber was worn as protection against various and sundry illnesses. It is said to help with luck, healing, protection, and love, and is a symbol of beauty and strength.
February's Birthstone, Pisces Good Luck Stone & 6 Year Anniversary Stone. Amethyst is the most precious of the quartz family. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek term, methystos, meaning "not drunken." It was traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness and to instill a sober mind. Amethysts are believed to help with dreams, overcoming alcoholism, healing, schisms, peace, love, and protection against thieves, and it is a symbol of courage and happiness.
Apatite Its name is derived from the Greek word meaning "cheat" because it is easily confused with other gemstones such as precious beryl, topaz and tourmaline.
Aquamarine March's Birthstone, October's Alternate Birthstone, Scorpio's Good Luck Stone & 19 Year Anniversary Stone. Aquamarine, the gem of the sea, is named with the Greek word for sea water, and ranges in color from a clear pastel to a deep ocean blue. It has been used as a purifying agent, or cleansing stone, which is believed to bring the wearer a peaceful sense of calm. Easy on the eyes, it is also supposed to be inspirational, hopeful, balancing for fluids in the body, lucky for marine travel.
Green Aventurine
Red Aventurine
Aventurine is a form of quartz. Radiating a calming energy, aventurine is used in shielding the heart and in healing and balancing the emotions. Aventurine further stimulates creativity and independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively, and strengthens intuitive power. It is especially useful for healing and for good luck.
A z u r i t e Azurite derives its name from its deep "azure" blue color. This copper-based gemstone is soft and not always available for jewelry work. It is usually found overgrown with malachite and occasionally found as prismatic crystals. Azurite is a softer stone, and is rarely facetted. Metaphysically, azurite is said to strengthen the blood and improve the flow of energy. It’s a deep, rich blue that is often found with other stones. Promotes wisdom, spiritual awareness, psychic ability and is very balancing for the body. Azurite is also quite potent and energizing for healing on all planes. A success stone.
Carnelian July's Birthstone & Virgo's Good Luck Stone. In ancient Rome, it was often used in cameos and intaglios. It has always been associated with the sun. Carnelian has been used to squelch anger, jealousy, and hatred as well as promote emotional balance and physical energy. It is worn or carried to promote courage, confidence, protection against negative magic, storms, and is said to promote sexuality. The carnelian also is said to help in reproductive matters, protection, peace, eloquence, and healing, and is a symbol of courage.
Citrine November's Birthstone & 13 Year Anniversary Stone. Citrine is a golden yellow form of quartz which takes its name from "citron", the French word for lemon. As a health-aid, it has been used as a purifying agent by releasing toxins from the body. In former times citrine was used as a protective talisman against the plague, bad skin, evil thoughts and as a charm against snakebites. It is also believed to symbolize happiness, aid in digestion, remove toxins from the body, and be useful in the treatment of depression and diabetes. It is said this gem provides the wearer with a sense of stability and can bring emotional balance to both mind and body.
Sacred to Sea Goddesses such as Aphrodite and also to Medusa, who it is said stained Coral red with her blood. Enhances any sex magic or spells for passionate love. All coral can be used in love magic but the deeper the color the more passionate the results. Pale corals can be used to ensure a passionate relationship tempered by friendship and emotional compatibility. Coral is an ancient and powerful fertility charm, worn as an amulet by the Romans and especially favored by childless women. Symbolizes female wisdom and the wise blood of menstruation. Coral holds the power of elemental Water and can help connect with that element or communicate with the magical beings of the oceans. Used in spells for magical concealment it can hide your works and desires or can be used to reveal the magical workings of others. It reveals secrets, especially the deep secrets of your own mind. Helps to overcome fears, phobias and doubts and to understand your deepest, darkest shadows. Protects from storms, tempests, lightning, spells, enchantments, 'assaults of the Devil' and many other perils, both natural and supernatural. A very powerful protective charm for children. A necklace of Coral hung on the crib of a new-born baby will drive away any evil and bring the child under the protection of the Goddess.
Fluorite comes in a range of colors including purple, blue, green, yellow, colorless, brown, pink, black and reddish orange. Multiple colors are often found in one specimen, making it a very interesting stone. Fluorite's name is derived from it being used as "flux" in steel and aluminum processing. It is said to be useful in opening and healing of the spirit and aiding learning, concentration, meditation.
Green Garnet
January's Birthstone, Aquarius' Good Luck Stone & 6 Year Anniversary Stone. It is a talisman for the Aquarius zodiac sign. It is believed to have magical properties- such as preventing skin diseases; assuring the wearer of love, faithfulness, & safety from wounds; protecting the wearer from evil & terrifying dreams. Like other red stones, garnet has historically been associated with blood and its related organs. It is considered an aid for swelling and inflammation of the joints and it is commonly believed that if you give garnet to a loved one, it will secure their loyalty and affection.
Iolite 21 Year Anniversary Stone. Iolite derives its name from the Greek word meaning violet.
African Jade
New Jade
Ruby Jade
Soo Chow Jade
Yellow Jade
March's Mystical Birthstone, August's Alternate Birthstone & the 12 Year Anniversary Stone. Long revered by Asians as the most precious of all stones for centuries, besides being the most beautiful and valued natural material for making jewelry and utensils, jade is considered to possess the power of good luck, good health, and the ability to resist evil spirit and to get rid of bad luck. Jade is associated with Venus. It has long been associated as a love stone as well as one for wisdom, healing, and used to promote fertility and abundant crops. Businessmen use jade in seeking council in important business transactions and it is worn for it's money-attracting energies. A figurine carved out of jade, called the hand of Buddha, was revered by the Chinese for it's abundance of prosperity as well as promoting a long life for it's owner.
Rainbow Moonstone
June's Contemporary & Mystical Birthstone, February's Alternate Birthstone & September's Ayurvedic Birthstone. Its name is derived from the opalescent shimmer, similar to moonshine. Moonstones aid in love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, and dieting, and is a symbol of youth. Metaphysical attributes of moonstone include, the ability to lessen the affects of the moon cycles on the wearer, and the ability to reduces tendency to over react to emotional conflicts. It is also considered to be a stone of feminine energy, and is therefore thought to be helpful in aiding in the childbirth process as well as relieving negative symptoms of the feminine cycles and transitions. The moonstone is also thought to promote fertility. It has been known as the "traveler's stone", and is thought to protect travelers from harm.
Black Onyx
Green Onyx
December's Mystical Birthstone, February's Alternate Birthstone, Leo's Good Luck Stone & 7 Year Anniversary Stone. Some say this stone is in tune with the darker side of magic and sorcery. A very protective stone, it brings good luck to the bearer and guards against spells and curses from your enemies. Black Onyx is also used to increase endurance and bring hope, even in the depths of despair. The unscrupulous could use it to cause nightmares or destroy friendships and partnerships. It is worth remembering however that there is no evil in the stone itself - only in the person who uses it for malicious ends.
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
Mother's Day Stone. Mother of pearl is formed when an irritant gets inside of a shell; the shell protects itself by coating the irritant with the same material of its lining (this is what creates pearls). Among the chief sources are the pearl oyster, found in warm and tropical seas, chiefly in Asia; the fresh-water pearl mussel, which lives in many rivers of the United States and Europe; and the abalone of California, Japan, and other Pacific regions. It is sometimes called a sea opal because of its similarity to the effects seen in opal. In China, mother of pearl has been prescribed over thousands of years for heart palpitations, dizziness, and high blood pressure. Metaphysically, mother of pearl is said to help stimulate intuition, sensitivity and imagination. Its properties are reputedly good for organization, home life and endurance.
June's Contemporary & Ayurvedic Birthstone and 3rd & 30th (Pearl Jubilee) Anniversary Stone. Natural pearls are rare; most pearls on the market today are cultured. Saltwater pearls come from oysters in oceans, gulfs and bays. Freshwater pearls are found in mussels or oysters in lakes, rivers or ponds. Historically symbolic of purity, innocence and faith, pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance. These Moon and water ruled “gems” enhance sincerity, truth and loyalty and bring calming reflection.
Peridot August's Birthstone & 16 Year Anniversary Stone. Peridot's name is derived from the Greek peridona, meaning "to provide plentifully". The ancients referred to it as the "gem of the sun" and believed that it could banish evil spirits and break enchantments when it was worn in a gold setting. Peridot is considered a stone of hope and is supposed to strengthen the sight, heart and respiratory system and aid against depression. The joyful and friendly energy of this stone helps to make and seal friendships. It clears the heart, releasing ego, jealousy and anger and bringing a sense of peace and quiet amusement. For specific chakra work, because it acts to seal the aura, it is suggested that peridot be removed while working on chakras other than the heart and solar plexus.
Rose Quartz January's Birthstone. This pretty pink stone has long been associated with love magic and it does have the power to draw and hold love. A stone of beauty, friendship and joy which can be used to boost your awareness of the beauty and magic of the world or to bring peace and harmony into your environment. A raw chunk of Rose Quartz is wonderful in a room where there is a risk of heated debates or quarrels ~ just remember to cleanse it thoroughly afterwards. Rose Quartz can be used in any form of love magic but perhaps the simplest is to give it away as a gift, which is said to increase the recipient’s love for you. Meditation with the stone will help you find where you are ‘blocking’ love in your life and how to heal yourself of problems which stop you loving yourself as you should, such as depression, low self esteem or self-hatred. An excellent stone for children or for adults who were deprived of love as a child. It carries the energy of elemental Water which can cool anger and wash away pain. Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful Water stones and is very useful if you are trying to connect with this element.
Sugulite Sugilite is named after the Japanese geologist, Ken-ichi Sugi who first discovered it in 1944. Although somewhat obscure, sugilite has been gaining in popularity due to its distinctive appearance. Metaphysically, sugilite is said to aid in healing and physical purification. Spelling seems to vary, ie. sugilite, sugalite, sugulite, suzalite.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
December's Birthstone & 11 Year Anniversary Stone. The name of this stone has come to mean the shades of color between blue and green but originally it simply meant ‘the stone from Turkey’ because all examples of Turquoise were traded through the city of Istanbul. Prized in Ancient Egypt the stone was used or jewelry and decoration and also ground to make a special blue eye paint. Turquoise protects against magical and mental attacks and is said to be the guardian of babies and young children. It can also be used in conjunction with divination or scrying to give you insights as to the motives or identity of the person who has attacked you. Lessens the effects of curses and psychic attacks and can be used as a gem elixir to bring comfort to anyone suffering from mental shock. The stone is also known as a peace maker and is believed to reconcile warring enemies, even a quarrelling husband and wife. Turquoise has long been associate with travel. Carry a piece to keep you safe and sure footed on your journeys. Turquoise combines the powers of all the elements and is renowned as a stone of vision. The stone is the vivid blue of the sky and gives its bearer the vision associated with creatures of the air such as Hawk and Eagle. Helps you to find unity and wholeness within yourself, balancing the different aspects of your character to achieve stability.

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